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Why is it called safety glass?

After the tempering process, the glass no longer shatters in the standard way. It shatters into small, oval-shaped pieces if broken. This reduces the risk of sharp edges. For this reason, along with its increased strength, it is often referred to as safety glass.

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Tempered glass improves the strength of the glass by 4 times, but the process makes the glass brittle. During the process, we heat the glass to 1400 degrees and then chill it to 200 degrees within just a few minutes. Once tempered, it is no longer possible to cut the glass. Fabrication of the glass is completed prior to the tempering process.

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Where should you use it?

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There are many applications in which safety glass is ideal. It works well for any heat-resistant glass need, including in areas where there is a danger of glass breaking due to impact or high heat. Let our experienced technicians help you to decide.

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